What is it?

  • peimo

    TIKTAC.net is the first platform "TOTALSHARING" to the world that offers a great and innovative opportunities to exchange/share their time and everything which you have materially, unambiguous legal framework is not a declared PRICE in money, but a value much wider.

    Here you can BARTER both your TIME as an expression of passions, TALENTS, SKILLS, willingness to carry out services that the mere PROPERTY of things, real estate and other.

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    By inserting the appropriate "Categories" and their respective "Subcategories" their own passions, TALENTS, SKILLS, that may affect various professional spheres, the leisure, sports, music, etc. , and/or by giving your availability of time, facilities, equipment, etc. , to perform services of any kind and in every kind of sector and/or still simply, by entering the property of things, real estate, media, articles and other things, the user will create a PROFILE personal assets with which to interact with others and SWAPPING IT, without resorting to the use of money, with the heritage created by other members. If you are only concerned to share their passions and interests, places them in SHARING category.

How It Works


The project of TIKTAC.net was born from the folly of two guys who, at some point in their lives, looked each other into the eyes and asked two simple questions:


TIKTAC.net is a completely free site adapted to the exchange and sharing of PASSIONS, TALENTS, skills, services, and property of things /cars/houses, ecc...


George, engineer, has a passion for sailing. He has the necessery license, but no other certification. Years of experience made him an expert and reliable navigator..

Conditions of use of TIKTAC.net

The conditions of use set forth herein illustrate and define the rules governing the operation of TIKTAC.net and regulate the relations with the users of the site...









"...Siempre he querido hacer y demostrar muchas cosas, pero no conseguí nunca encontrar las personas con las que compartirlas. Desde que me han escrito sobre TIKTAC.net , no sólo puedo practicar lo que me gusta hacer, pero incluso vengo contactado por muchas personas para vivir juntos los mismos intereses. Muy útil también  la idea de utilizar el foro como punto de encuentro para organizar excursiones en la montaña, gite en vuelta para Italia y nada parecido..."

Francesco   (Trento)

“...Sono disoccupato ed attualmente non è facile trovare lavoro. Mi sono iscritto a TIKTAC.net per poter conferire alle mie competenze un valore da poter scambiare con gli altri. E’ come se fossi tornato indietro nel tempo. Chissà, probabilmente sarà il futuro...”

Luigi (Roma)

“...During the profile creation heritage, i realized i have quality that even i thought to possess. Beautiful the idea of being able to use them in exchange of passions and talents of others...”

Silvia (Padova)

“...Ich bin aus Arbeitsgründen ständig unterwegs. Dank TIKTAC.net kann ich endlich mit Menschen rund um der ganzen Welt, meine Leidenschaft Tennis zu spielen teilen. Echt super, vor dem Start in den Ortschaften wo ich geschäftlich zu tun habe schnell ein paar Tennisspiele zu organisieren. Endlich...”

Luca (Bolzano)