Frequently asked questions

What is is the ideal platform where you can give the right value to your passions, talents and skills, play any type of services, or sell tangible goods that we don't do more and receive in return all we need, without spending money, or better to do what we like to have other at zero cost.

Who can swap and share on

All users who want to register with the site! Just make a quick recording is free of charge.

Are there credits? does not provide credits or bonds of any type and shape except those related to the honesty of users themselves.

Are there constraints?

No. Between and users there is no constraint; the only constraint is between users and the commitment that they make, exchanging, giving, sharing with other, quality, services and materials availability. As to the previous point, the only constraint is the honesty and mutual respect.

How is the delivery of an object or the provision of a service supplied?

Each exchange takes place on the basis of a free agreement between the users.
In general, if the two users live in the same city or province, they can meet and make the exchange. If they prefer, they can search for an user who offers this kind of service. At least has a Partnership sith SPEDIRE.COM that offers delivering service from and to Italy. In future will have this kind of service all over the world.

And if i want to give a service and the other user has nothing that interests me?

You can exchange with something else that you think might be bartered in turn with others. In this case, it is important that the VOUCHER service acquired will be TRANSFERABLE.

What is feedback and how does it work?

Comments are included, together with the Feedback score of assembly, in your profile.
At the end of each exchange, who receives an object or a service, can leave Feedback on the other user.

This will increase or decrease the level of reputation in the eyes of other users of

How do i release a feedback at the end of a barter?

When the exchange will be concluded, you can send feedback request with the appropriate key to request review.
The link contained in the e-mail will take you directly on the relevant page.

And if a user reveals incorrect or worse a fraudster?

By clicking Alert, depicted by the flag of orange that is next to the user name and title heritage, will be automatically pointed to the user and/or the mendacious heritage/prohibited. You can get in contact with the administration of the site via the link "Contacts".

How does the creation and sending of the VOUCHER and what can I do about this?

When the deal between the two users concludes with success, you can select the user name, insert in NOTES the details of what you have agreed, decide whethere the VOUCHER can be TRANSFERABLE or not and send it thanks to the key “GENERATE VOUCHER”, At this point you will receive a mail containing the NOTES and the VOUCHER CODE. The code will be copied and thanks to the link,it shall be put in REDEEM VOUCHER. Now you can decide to print it or, if it is TRANSFERABLE, to re-insert it automatically in its category “ACQUIRED HERITAGE”, to use it in following deals of exchange with other users. Remember that in NOTES you have to specify all details of the agreement. For example, if you established that user A is available to lead user B to Tre Cime di Lavaredo within the end of summer 2014, this detail must be inserted in NOTES, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Everything placed in category PROPERTIES' won't be turned into VOUCHER.

Of course, if the VOUCHER is NON-TRANSFERABLE, won't be reused for further deals with other users.

There is no duty to create a VOUCHER. This is only an additional service offers.

And if i want to use only as SHARING platform?

In this case, simply insert your own interests and passions in the Category SHARING and the game is done. If you want to find assets to other by mere sharing, you simply need to select the category share in the search engine. To extend the desire to share with several people simultaneously, and very helpful, the Forum, where anyone who has the ability to open a post in which to write e.g. ORGANIZED FOOTBALL MATCH ON DAY X IN RESORT Y. All those who want to join, will sign in.

Is it possible to have payment services on

It is absolutely forbidden request and provide services in exchange for money. The administration of is working to achieve a great project to make sure every user that will enroll FREE OF CHARGE, will produce money for charitable causes.