Conditions of use of

Conditions of use of
Conditions of use of 

The conditions of use set forth herein illustrate and define the rules governing the operation of and regulate the relations with the users of the site.

Under these conditions of use, the term 'users' are:

1. The navigators of the site;

2.Users who, after registration to the site itself, publish ads on

With the term 'site' is defined as the site at http//

With the term 'service' is meant the service made available by, consisting in the arrangement of a platform that allows users the consultation and the insertion of quality, facilities and properties' personal, aimed at exchange and/or sharing of goods, as well as specified below.

The acceptance of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ex D Legislative Decree 196/2003, expressly recited in the registration procedure, constitute necessary condition to proceed to the registration itself and use the services offered by the site. Failure to accept these Terms and Conditions of use during the registration process at the site, it does not allow the use of the services, but only to view the pages of the site whose access not provides the authentication.

With the site's registration and use of the service, the user declares to be an adult and be entitled to use the service offered on on the basis of existing legislation. The user, therefore, authorize to the provision of the service, by removing expressly administrators of for any damage resulting from improper use and/or inappropriate service.

1. Terms of use and any changes, may at any moment, unilateral changes to these General Conditions of Contract, which will be communicated to users via notices published and suitably highlighted on the site.

With the use of the service, therefore, the users accept the present General Conditions of Contract, including any subsequent modifications.

2. Object of the service

2.1 The service made available by allows users, through a computing platform, the consultation and the insertion of quality, facilities and property free personal, aimed at exchange and/or online sharing between users.

The site offers its users the possibility to exchange (barter, permute) and/or share quality, goods or services, at any time, from any Internet point, without the payment of any sum of money by way of proceeds from the sale of quality, good or service exchanged, in the following way:
- The classic barter: in this case, in exchange for quality, facilities, objects of interest, the user can provide one or more quality, facilities and property among those in his possession;

2.2 The use of the service is reserved for private users who undertake to exchange quality, facilities and property which do not fall within the ambit of the exercise of enterprises. Each user uses the service under his exclusive responsibility. The site, therefore, is not responsible for the successful completion of negotiations between users and is not responsible for the origin and veracity of the advertisements as well as to their content and the actual existence of the respective profiles heritage, nor for any damage that might occur to the user's computer system by the use of the site. These responsibilities remain solely with the user who performed the insertions.

3. Rules of publication

3.1 The use of the site is free.

3.2 The personal profile can be created only once, its contents modified to an unlimited number of times.

3.3 All users of the site, whether registered that are not registered, they can consult the insertions using the appropriate search function inside the site.

3.4 Research referred to in paragraph 3.3 above takes place automatically, without the site can check the contents, completeness, accuracy, truthfulness.

3.5 Each registered user can enter an unlimited number of content.

3.6 The publication of the entries on the Site is via automatic procedure, therefore these are published without which society could in any way verify the content, accuracy and veracity, which consequently declines any responsibility. The automatic procedure for advertising, in spite of the expressed prohibitions for users of these Terms of use of the site, could lead to consultation of information from the content is not appreciated or suitable for an adult audience in relation to which the company disclaims any liability. The user can still indicate any content that does not comply with the rules laid down by regulation of the web site by sending a message to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in the form of alert in first page.

3.7 The service provided by is strictly personal, and should be consistent with established by the present conditions of use. The use of the site and the contents of the service, in the set of texts, images, logos, music, videos, photographs, graphics, and every other element contained in it, even considered separately, and protected by existing legislation on intellectual and industrial property.

3.8 Users are expressly reserved exclusively to the faculty of use of the service as indicated in the present conditions. IT IS foreclosed users any other different and additional use that is not expressly indicated or expressly authorized.

4. Registration Procedure and personal information

4.1 The publication of the announcements and allowed only to registered users to the Site.

4.2 Recording provides for the compilation of a form, with the mandatory indication of e-mail address and password, or through the service "Log in with Facebook".

4.3 The Site assumes no responsibility for statements and false registrations and/or misrepresentation made by the user.

4.4 The compilation of the form will allow the user to choose a user name or nickname (user id) and a password to use to access the service.

4.5 The registration to the service involves the express acceptance of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which are expressly callbacks and signed before the end and the completion of the registration procedure.

4.6 On completion of registration, the user will receive an e-mail to the address entered on the form at the time of registration, containing a link to which access to confirm the registration. By clicking on the link, the user will confirm, thus, its willingness to subscribe to the service. The same mail receipt will contain a summary of the registration data, the user id and password chosen referred to in the previous point 4.5 . The User Name and Password will allow the user to access the service and the reserved section of the site, where you will be able to manage the historic inserts that allow the implementation of its "profile heritage", personal data entered at the time of registration.

4.7 The User Name and Password are strictly personal and not transferable: these credentials are chosen by the user at the time of registration and stored by the user, which is required to do so with care, confidentiality, and diligence, in so far as is necessary to access the service. In the event of theft or loss of the User Name and Password, the user must promptly notify signalling to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address asking for the allocation of new credentials for access. The site will in no way responsible for any transactions conducted by third parties through the use of a username and a password object of theft and/or stolen by the user, which, therefore, will remain the sole responsibility in the event of failure or late reporting to the email address described above.

4.8 The user may be asked to fill out questionnaires, to participate in surveys online and to share content more from time to time defined by the editor. THE questionnaires and polls will be accompanied by appropriate and specific privacy policy.

4.9 does not use the personal data provided by the user at the time of registration for purposes more and different than those expressly provided for the use of the service, or specified in the Privacy Policy, relatively to the items signed by the user. The site will be able to use the personal data provided by the user even if you have any communications, which had been taken in fulfillment of requests that were to be received by the judicial authority or by governmental bodies and/or independent to this members, as expressly provided for by law.

4.10 Children under the age of 18 may not use services on the Website; therefore do not have to provide any other personal data in the recording process. If the user is a minor you will be able to enjoy the services offered on a site only with the supervision and control of their parents or other adults in their place. In any event, where the minor user violates these Terms of use of the site, the responsibility will fall on the subjects which neither exercise the parental authority or, in their absence, on persons who are required to ensure that the minor.

5. Transaction

5. All the possible operations on the site occur through the barter Classic: it is prevented from purchasing the contents of the "profile heritage" published by the registered users nelsito through current currency.

5.2 The transaction takes place directly between the parties, without the Site intervenes in the same.

5.3 The phase of the transaction, as well as the next step of the dispatch/content delivery transactions, are in no way handled by the Website.

6. Responsibility of

6.1 Users, using the services available from the Site, they claim to be aware of doing so under its full and exclusive responsibility.

6.2 The site, therefore, is not responsible for any inaccuracy or incompleteness present in the announcements posted by the users, nor for their possible untruthfulness.

6.3 Users of use the service in full freedom and awareness, and nor assume any liability that may arise with your computer system from the use of the service.

6.4 does not respond in any way for any damage that may be products to the user or to any third party from the use of the service, nor the lack good end of negotiations.

6.5 The Site does not warrant the quality, legality and safety of the goods or services covered by the transactions, the veracity and accuracy of the descriptions provided by registered users, about their very existence, nor is it in any way responsible for the veracity of the contents of the 'Profiles' heritage posted by the users or their content. In the same way, does not guarantee about the quality of subjective users, with reference to their legal capacity, the seriousness, the correctness, the identity and to any other subjective characteristic of themselves.

6.6 has no role in exchange that takes place between users as a result of their activities on the Site. For this reason will not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, suffered by each user due to the use of false data by other/other users.

6.7 The site is not responding the successful or less trade-in.

6.8 shall not be held liable for any conduct, be it active or omission of the users: any loss or damage to computer system users from the use of the site due to the actions or omissions of other users cannot be attributed to

6.9 Each User undertakes to treat the personal data of other users, by the same possibly collected by means of the site with the full respect of the D. Lgs. 196/2003 And all the rules in force concerning it will be obliged to defend, indemnify and hold, from any damage, action, pretense, expenditure, penalties arising from a breach of this warranty. In particular, each user undertakes to use the personal data reported by other users by means of the Site, including email addresses, exclusively for purposes related to the Site and within the limits which has expressly consented each user.

6.10 The site is not responsible for the provenance and the truthfulness of the insertions, as well as their content and the actual existence of that which is advertised in the 'heritage profiles', responsibility for which rests solely with the user who performed the insertions.

6.11 does not exercise any editorial control over the content of messages sent through this site to users, and not make any control, monitoring, audit, or dissemination of their contents. The adoption of techniques of computerised management will in some editorial control over the content of messages.

6.12 In order to prevent cheating, the site regularly will be the work of its own users and if necessary will have the option to delete those accounts/ads reported by other users as illegal / misleading.

7. Responsibility of the users

7.1 The user is fully and personally liable for the content of any Content posted via the use of the User Name and Password entered by the user and activated at the time of your registration to the service referred to in paragraph 4.6 of these terms of use.

7.2 The user is responsible for the content inaccurate, incomplete, not truthful, illicit or mendacious announcements from the same inserted.

7.3 The user undertakes not to use the service made available by for publication, transmission, an exchange of illegal material, vulgar, obscene, libelous, defamatory, offensive to the current moral, or, in any case, which violates the rights of others or messages inciting hatred and racial discrimination or religious or of third parties.

7.4 The user undertakes not to spread through their own publications material that will encourage criminal activity, or likely to incur civil liability or violate in any other way laws or local regulations, state, national or international. The user undertakes not to interfere with the use and enjoyment by another Advertiser of the Service or with the exercise by others of similar services.

7.5 User also undertakes not to publish offensive content of the rights of others, discriminatory, or against the confidentiality. The user, and finally, undertakes not to use the service in such a way as to infringe the rights of intellectual or industrial property of or of third parties.

7.6 The user undertakes to respect all provisions of these Terms of use, as well as respect for the rules in force relating to service and similar services and the legislation and it applicable.

7.7 You agree to periodically receive, at the e-mail address indicated at the time of registration to the service, the internal announcements related to the service, as well as promotional activities, and commercial communications, specified in the Privacy Statement for which has expressed consent.

7.8 The user undertakes to raise for any request can come from other users or third parties due to the content of the ads themselves.

7.9 The user undertakes to indemnify is to raise from any action brought by third parties or by other users in respect of regardless of the use that the user makes service made available to any violation of these Terms of use by the user, the violation arising from the sale of loosing/theft User Name and Password, every violation connected to intellectual or industrial property or other rights to anyone attributed.

8. Any modification, suspension, interruption of the service

8.1 The Website may modify, suspend, discontinue the service, even without prior notice to users.

8.2, therefore, will in no way responsible to users or third parties for any damages arising from any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the service.

8.3 The site, moreover, may suspend or discontinue the service to the user in the event of breach of obligations under the present conditions of use, or if the user's conduct was not in accordance with the use of the service.

8.4 As a result of this, may assume each appropriate initiative, civil or criminal, for the protection of rights and its own interests or of third parties.

8.5 reserves the right to cancel an advertisement already published or revoke a User Name and Password, if the content of the ad violates the conditions of use of the service, or, in any case, if the content is not consistent with the editorial policy of the Site.

9. Withdrawal from service

The user can at any time terminate this contract and the service offered by by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

10. Applicable Law

The relationship between the user and the Site applies the law of the Italian state, which shall help her even in the case of need to interpret these Terms of use


Except as provided by law could not be put off, the Court of Trento will be to the exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute concerning these Terms and Conditions of use of the site and the reports from the same adjusted