Log on to the portal TIKTAC.net

Register to the portal by inserting as many fields as possible to complete your profile.

Check the e-mail you provided during registration and activate your account.

Once you have activated your account, you can navigate using the User Menu.

Create your own Heritage

Transform the value  what YOU ARE ABLE and YOU LIKE TO DO into a HERITAGE. On the basis of the quality and type that you want to allocate your assets to use as the currency of exchange with others, insert in the category (PASSION, TALENT, COMPETENCE ), or AVAILABILITY TO PERFORM SERVICES , or if it is material good of any kind that you want to barter, in the category PROPERTIES. Select the respective adequate subcategory.

If you think that you will share your PASSIONS and INTERESTS, then fill them in the Category SHARING and its subcategories.


Customize the contents of your assets with descriptions, images, video link and complete them by inserting the location, date of expiry, etc..

Find what you need!
Search is easy and fast!

Instantly Search ASSETS you are interested in or you need, offered by the other.

Use the filters for a detailed search. Free Search by category, subcategory, user, location for Km of distance and/or for feedback. 

Add the assets in your favorites for not forgetting them and create your own list of favorite assets.

Contact the user with a TIK!

When you have found a wealth of another user click TIK to send a notification and invite him to view your heritage.

Use the s-basket to group multiple assets also of different users during the navigation. With a single TIK you can send to all your interest.

With a TAC choose what to swap/share!

When you receive a TIK you are invited to view the heritage of the requesting user.

Sign in to its assets and once you have selected what you want, reply with TAC.

Deal and then TIKTAC!

The deal between TIK and TAC to agree on the details and how to exchange/share the assets selected can begin, even by means of the service of integrated messaging.


The swapped assets become Voucher!!

Completed the deal, may be created VOUCHERS. From its wealth contracted, simply select the user, bring all the details of the granted in the special notes window, and with the key GENERATE VOUCHER, will automatically be sent an e-mail containing the VOUCHER code and notes of the sender. You can choose whether to make the VOUCHER TRANSFERABLE or not.


The VOUCHER code sent via e-mail, will be inserted into REDEEM VOUCHER and , in the case in which is transferable, you can re-insert it automatically in your category ASSETS ACQUIRED, to be reused in subsequent TALKS OF AN EXCHANGE TIKTAC with others.

The reliability is in your reviews!

Once finished the TIKTAC and consumed the service offered, remember to invite the user to write a review on your profile.

The trust and the quality of service is obtained thanks to the feedback comments that users send to each other, thus increasing its reputation.




Next to User names and title heritage is inserted the ALERT function that automatically sends a signal to the system administrators to warn them of possible users incorrect and/or false information.